General information about the seminars

Processed cheese Workshop Frank Lichtmess Theory


The work shop is set out for:


First-timers (people who have no knowledge in this field) and career starters


Experts from product development and production


Group size is restricted to five participants to allow enough room for individual questions and discussions


Fine-tuned workshops are on offer for individual company requirements


Course language is German or English


Theory and Practice

Frank Lichtmess, Processed cheese, practical trials. Testing kitchen

The workshops have a theoretical and practical part.


In the practical part of the course small experiments will be carried out in the testing kitchen.


This underlines the theoretical part and consolidates acquired knowledge.


Aim is to apply new skills to the daily routine.








Workshops geared towards

Processed cheese, Frank Lichtmess, Theory, single phosphates, workshop

The course is geared towards


· Product development


· Production


· QM


· Purchasing


· Sales and Marketing









Mr. Frank Lichtmess was manager and product developer for Hochland Germany GmbH as well as for Schreiber & Rupp. Mr. Frank Lichtmess has been working as a worldwide independent consultant since 2014.



Course offer

Processed cheese for new comers - Target group is people who have no previous knowledge of this area or people planning on a career change to the area of processed cheese.


Milk proteins in processed cheese -Target group are experts in the field of processed cheese who want to get detailed expertise in protein sources and to increase and adapt their knowledge in the field of product development, recipes and product tasting.


Emulsifying salts in processed cheese - Target group are experts who want to gain an in-depth knowledge in phosphate- chemistry and the know-how. The use of pre-defined phosphor and calculation in savings which alternatively expand the scope and to be in the position to react to arising troubles in the production.


Vegan cheese alternative - Target group are employees who want to gather more information about typical recipies and production posssibilities for vegan cheese alternatives



Customised courses

For companies who have special requirements which need individual handling.




A customer had a sales team and wanted to educate their staff in the field of processed cheese. In a one day workshop all employees could gain experience in this field of processed cheese. In the course production processes was be defined in detail, the raw material explained and the most vital points of cheese enactment. Trials with processed cheese were be carried out in the testing kitchen.


Another customer would like to use single phosphates in his IWS – processed cheese product. In a three day workshop could we find a solution. Apart from theory more than20 trials were conducted. The new know-how led to a sustainable cost reduction of the IWS-recipes.