Processed Cheese Expertise For Results

Task definition and proposal

  • Initial contact and sign-off of a non disclosure agreement (confidentiality agreement)
  • Informal conference regarding your task at hand
  • Tailored proposal how to effectively address the issue

Consulting via phone / mail

  • Standard recipes
  • Feasibility
  • Trouble shooting

On-site workshops and targeted support day by day

  • Workshop participation - contribution of expertise
  • Workshop preperation, execution and follow-up
  • On-site analysis of the production area, inventory of current situation and recommendations
  • Raw material analysis
  • Training sessions and lectures on processed cheese 

Participation in your project

  • Taking over specific tasks, e.g. development
  • Contribution of expert knowledge

Project management

  • Project planning
  • Project team manager
  • Achieve results within given boundaries
Frank Lichtmess - On-site