Processed Cheese Expertise For Results

New product development

  • Vegan milk alternatives
  • Cheese and related food products
  • Ideation and prioritisation of new concepts
  • Creation of the project briefing
  • Lab and production trials
  • Prototype development and evaluation
  • Development of the production process
  • Shelf life test 
  • Risk analysis
  • Project documentation
  • First production
Rosi Bader and Frank Lichtmess - Sample Testing

Product optimisation

Continuous product optimisation is very important to stay competitive. The volatile raw material market requires an ongoing refinement of the production recipes.

  • Supplier selection
  • Trial planning
  • Carry out trials
  • Evaluation trials
  • Recipe adaption 

Frank Lichtmess - Melting pot

Trouble shooting

At times unexpected quality problems appear. These problems can lead to customer complaints or even worse to a delivery bottleneck.

  • Cause analysation
  • Planning the course of action
  • Running lab and production trials
Silek Gerner, Rainer Rass and Frank Lichtmess - Trouble shooting

Implementation of efficient R&D processes and effective tools

State-of-the-art tools can help you to make your R&D-work more efficient. Well structured R&D processes enable target oriented work which saves time, money and reduces the typical development risks.

  • Innovation management
  • Documentation (briefing, specification ...)
  • Risk analysis
  • Recipe calculation and management
  • Texture analysis
Frank Lichtmess - Innovation pipeline

Staff development

It is both difficult and time consuming for newcomers to access new technologies. Good coaching eases the first steps in VEGAN and cheese technology and helps to avoid typical beginner mistakes. 

  • Training and coaching in subjects
  • Recipes
  • Raw material
  • Emulsifying salt
  • Trial planning
  • Documentation 
Guido Steinriede, Peter Rädler and Frank Lichrtmess - Processed cheese training